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“I’m Andy. Know what my favorite thing is?”


“When some­body tells me, ‘I don’t usu­al­ly read this kind of book, but I loved your book.’ I try hard to write that kind of book.”

“Okay. Why are you telling me this? I mean, we just met.”

“Because I don’t get how small talk works. I’m…you know. An introvert.”

“Not to be rude, but this might go bet­ter if you let your books talk for you.”

“Oh wow, that’s such a good idea. Now I can go back to my com­put­er, and you can read the rest of this stuff by your­self! Thanks!”

The Noth­ing Within

A biotech plague rever­ber­ates in Ohio Amish coun­try cen­turies after the near-extinc­tion of humankind. Root, a dar­ing out­lier in a soci­ety shaped by fear, must flee her home to unrav­el the mys­tery of who she tru­ly isand to save what remains of the human race.


  • Sci­ence Fiction
  • Sub­genre: Post-Apoc­a­lyp­tic Fan­ta­sy-Like Sci­ence Fiction


  • Best Sci­ence Fic­tion Nov­el of 2020: Next Gen­er­a­tion Indie Book Awards
  • Best Sci­ence Fic­tion Nov­el of 2020: Nation­al Indie Excel­lence Awards
  • Final­ist, Best Sci­ence Fic­tion Nov­el of 2019: Fore­word Indies Book Awards
  • An Ama­zon Cat­e­go­ry #1 Bestseller
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  • Pub­lish­er’s Week­ly (Starred Review): “This mag­i­cal, ter­ri­fy­ing, and whim­si­cal debut is a gen­uine­ly orig­i­nal and immer­sive take on post-apoc­a­lyp­tic SF.”
  • Kirkus: “Crafty sur­pris­es abound in this debut novel…[P]henomenal world­build­ing.
  • BlueInk (Starred Review): “[I]mpossible to put down…nothing short of a sto­ry­telling mas­ter­work.
  • Ama­zon: 4.5 average
  • Goodreads: 4.25 average
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  • Self-pub­lished June 2019 under my Hum­ble Quill imprint
  • 119,000 Words
three grams of elsewhere

Three Grams of Elsewhere



  • Spec­u­la­tive Fiction
  • Sub­genre: Near-Future Mid­west­ern Spec­u­la­tive Fic­tion with a Ele­ments of Mys­tery and a Dash of Metaphysics

Ever since civ­il war frac­tured the Unit­ed States fifty years ago, Har­mo­ny “Bibi” Cain has iso­lat­ed him­self: from soci­ety, from tech­nol­o­gy, from family.

A pow­er­ful empath who’s weary from the con­stant intru­sion of oth­ers’ emo­tions, he’s final­ly retired to seek the hol­low peace of fur­ther iso­la­tion. But when four impos­si­ble-seem­ing killings shake North Amer­i­ca, Bibi is drawn into an inves­ti­ga­tion he wants noth­ing to do with.

The vic­tims were killed by motes—unstop­pable drones only an empath can control—and decades ago, Bibi was part of the pro­gram that cre­at­ed them: the pro­gram that weaponized empathy.

in progress

Afflic­tions and Graces


  • World-build­ing and writing
Andy Giesler Headshot

Andy Giesler’s Oblig­a­tory and Curi­ous­ly Third-Per­son Biography

Once upon a time, when Andy was ten, he fell in love with writing.

His debut nov­el, Attack of the Dinosaurs, was sev­en­teen pages long. Bad­ly typed on a not-yet-vin­tage Smith Coro­na man­u­al type­writer, it was bound in scis­sor-cut gray card­board with white yarn tied in a bow. It was the heart-pound­ing tale of Alaskan sci­en­tists using nuclear bombs to prospect for gaso­line andas hap­pens all too ofteninad­ver­tent­ly wak­ing frozen dinosaurs. With­out spoil­ing too much, things didn’t end well for the dinosaurs. (Things nev­er end well for the dinosaurs.)

He promised him­self that one day he’d write an even longer book.

Andy has been a library page, dairy sci­ence pro­gram­mer, teacher, web devel­op­er, tech­ni­cal writer, health­care soft­ware devel­op­er, and cor­po­rate philoso­pher. He’s schooled in com­put­er sci­ence, phi­los­o­phy, and library sci­ence, and stud­ied arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence in grad school before it was cool. He’s a hus­band, father, and unabashed geek liv­ing in Madi­son, Wisconsin.

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